Do you want to keep your IT powerful and efficient? Then xevIT's operating concepts are the right path. We develop optimum strategies for your IT environment by tailoring our services strictly to your needs.

In addition to classic operation of your IT infrastructure, we also take care of security-related areas, support you through change or incident management and make sure your hardware and software is always up-to-date. ​​



3rd Level Support/Helpdesk

It is important to our customers that their systems operate self-sufficiently. That's why they only want to get expert opinions or discuss complex matters with outsiders when absolutely necessary. Our skilled system engineers are consulted if a fault occurs or support is required from the device manufacturer.


Small sub-sectors or entire IT infrastructure units are well within our sphere of competence. We adapt ourselves with precision to the customers' individual standards and processes, which means we can be integrated as a fixed component in the particular structure.

Managed Service

As our customers want their needs charged individually and according to use, they can receive their bespoke IT service like electricity from a socket: we offer “IT on demand”, which is billed according to a requested model.

Our expertise sets you free to focus on your daily operations and puts day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure in competent and reliable hands.