The requirements of secure IT have radically altered. Of course you still need to protect your network from external attacks – e.g. via the Internet. Firewalls, network security and protection against viruses or defective programs remain essential components of IT security.

Yet the threat has widened. Businesses also need to monitor and guard against risks from within. Wireless network access must be protected, and all the doors must not be left open within the system. Anyone entitled to connect to your network must not automatically be granted a master key to the entire firm.

Many new routes of entry are emerging, especially in relation to the Internet of Things, the guiding theme of Industry 4.0. Firms have to assume that they will suffer targeted attacks. Sticking your head in the sand is no solution. You must protect yourself efficiently and effectively and ensure your staff are trained and aware. Many risks can be countered with the right technology and the right amount of information for the workforce.