LAN / enterprise networks

Modern networks differ from their earlier counterparts due to their performance in particular. Language, data, images – today the information flows faster and more reliably.

At xevIT we help you find the perfect balance in your business network. Which connections are useful? What performance level do you want to achieve? What is the security situation?

Together we find the answers to these questions, ensuring that your firms simply works – without compromise.

WLAN / mobility solutions

You don't have to say no to a WLAN, which customers and patients can access, even in a security-sensitive environment like a bank or hospital. Quite the opposite, in fact. And new possibilities emerge in production or logistics sectors thanks to mobile applications.

We bring the WLAN to the bank – open to your customers and without compromising on security.
We create the network for mobile rounds – convenient, simple and in patients' interests.
We ensure clarity in the warehouse or when stocktaking with Location-Based Services (LBS). Always know where everything is – the new overview using tracking devices. Apply LBS solutions to locate patients or employees, to monitor items of equipment or deliveries, or as a component of your security concept.